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Light Field Therapy is a powerful therapeutic healing tool for TRAUMA

Field Therapy maps the EFFECTS OF TRAUMA revealing how and where it 

it has impacted your brain and body

Light Therapy shines light through the eyes, transforming the EFFECTS OF TRAUMA, restoring the brain and body to its highest level of function.

The result is an empowering personal journey of  healing brain, body, mind, soul.


Denise Hadden

'The more boundless your vision the more real you are'Deepak Chopra

Light lit a fire in my belly when I first discovered it could be used to heal body mind and soul. And for over 30yrs it has been a source of healing and solace to both me and my clients. I am an optometrist, previously in private practice in Cape Town, where my search for the connection between vision, emotion and consciousness lead me to expand my skills, adding certification in Behavioural and Syntonic Optometry, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Visual Coaching, Biophotonic Energy Medicine, Colour Therapy, Jungian, Esoteric and Shamanic Training.

My work with Light began, as profound discoveries do, with astonishing experiences in my own life and then in witnessing unexpected and instantaneous healing responses in my patients. How could someone look at coloured light for five minutes and wake the next day feeling free of the devastating depression they had suffered for months? And what happened in the short field assessment with a child to summon his courage to stand up to the bully in his life?  The changes in people of all ages were continued, rapid and profound. My work continued with the development of a unique method of mapping Eye Fields with an iridology chart overlaid, pioneering Light Field Therapy as a biomarker and treatment for trauma, international presentations since 2003, author of 'New Light on Fields' and 'Coaching the Invisible Fields'.​

What does a Light Field Therapy session involve 

Initial in person sessions are 60mins and include a Lightfield Mapping and diagnosis with advice and guidance on a personalised Light Therapy program. You will be required to purchase a set of Colour Filters for your program which is determined on the day.   Follow up sessions are dependent on each case, but may be 2-4weeks.  

60mins Zoom sessions are available as well. For further information please email    






Light is the connecting link between space, time and matter'.  Albert Einstein

Light Therapy is the use of coloured light through the eyes. It involves looking at a specifically chosen colour program determined from a Field analysis.

Carefully selected coloured light through the eyes renews your brain functioning, improves your memory, unblocks the trapped energy of trauma, builds better boundaries and increases your immunity, resistance and resilience.



Field Therapy is a method of analysis that I pioneered and personally developed during the past 30yrs. 

During my early clinical experiences of charting fields and as a result of my training and exploration into energetic medicine, I discovered that placing an iridology chart over a colour visual field allowed an in-depth analysis and diagnosis of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of the person.
Knowing what your field is like allows you to see the areas in your life that require your attention and reveals the most direct route to personal transformation. 


'I am a warrior and I live by challenge, accepting that the circumstances of my life are neutral and my choice is only in how I look at them'

Theun Mares, Nagal

CoMra Laser therapy is a low level laser, Infra-red, ultrasound, magnetic and colour light device used for regeneration and recovery from all aspects of illness and trauma. 



'It is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost'

Black Elk, Medicine Man of the Oglala Lakota

 The wisdom of the Shamans comes from their intimate relationship with nature, the earth and all living creatures. The Shamanic principle is to support and guide us out of the dark and into the light.

My work includes private Shamanic Energy Medicine interventions




Light and Field Therapy training is a remarkable diagnostic and healing modality with a wide range of application. Light as a phototherapeutic treatment is currently used in medicine, optometry, psychology and as a complementary tool in supporting health and wellness. Field Therapy maps visual perceptual awareness and our conscious/unconscious energetic patterns. Learn how to map and analyse these fields and treat with light.

Anyone may attend this course who is interested in learning more for their own education and knowledge, as an additional tool in your healing practice or as an optometrist or other professional.


If you are interested in a healing tool that will give you a deep understanding of the roots of illness and a time-tested method of resolving these imbalances - then the Emotional Jewels course is for you. Light is the source of all life and each colour of the rainbow is like a specific vitamin that gently returns your body, mind and soul to a place of peace.
Our emotions are the colours - the magical medicines - and our body’s innate intelligence, immediately recognises them and begins to self-correct. You will learn the  intricacies of colour choice and how to diagnose and treat dis-ease with light. This may be used in combination with other complementary therapies. 


Books and charter available for purchase
'New Light on Fields'
'Coaching the Invisible Fields - A New Way to Reach Your Hidden Potential with Light and Visual Awareness'
Field Charter + Chakra Wands


Opening your visionary abilities is a gift to be shared with the world
When you complete any training in Light or Field Therapy you will be invited to join our Facebook private support page and our online Light Hearted Visionaries meetings.
Our desire is to find all the ways of bringing Light Heart Awareness Consciousness Vision and Love to all of our lives



Training, Coaching, Private Consultation
email me at



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Curriculum Vitae

  • 1969 - 1973 B.Sc. Hons Optics, UMIST, Manchester University, UK

  • 1973 - 1976 Board certification FBOA, FSMC

  • 1976 - Board certification FOA [SA]

  • 1976 - 1980 Board member of SAOA Western Province Association

  • 1976 - 2014 managed own optometric practice in Cape Town, SA

  • 1995 - Thesis 'Refractive Changes in the Eyes, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Compared to the Western Approach.

  • 2003 - Developed new colour field analysis

  • 2007 - Graduated as a Life Coach, South African College of Applied Psychology

  • Developed Visual Awareness Coaching Model


  • 2014 - Harry Riley Spitler Award for

  • ‘Your original discoveries and research bring new perspective from holistic models of healing and human potential to the interpretation of functional visual fields and expand the application of syntonic phototherapy’


To get in touch about booking a consultation, training or for any further information please email me.

Narberth, Wales, UK

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